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Contemporary with Ffion Campbell-Davies




46min 24secs


About the Course

This movement practice consists of three parts.

Taking inspiration from Qigong, Yoga and Gaga Technique.

Overall this workshop takes on a meditative approach, as that of Ffion's own personal approach to any work she creates. In contrast to institutional training where the body is put under high stress and tension, this practice allows you to work from the other side of the spectrum looking to train the mind and body through meditative holistic methods where the nervous system is relaxed and receptive to retaining a range of information, with the conscious intention to listen to the body rather than force upon it discipline.

Part 1

The first part series involves a particular Qigong practice from the style Shengzhen for more information on this you can visit their site;

I use Qigong in my personal practice to deepen my energy preservation and mental well-being for performative works that push and challenge my boundaries.

Part 2

The second movement series is inspired by yoga and martial arts training. Finding the balance between strengthening the body, the muscles, skeletal posture/alignment and strengthening the mind for mental endurance.

I find these practices highly effective in my work when I am having to push the body, challenging both my physical/mental and emotional endurance when approaching evocative/experimental/durational or political work.

Part 3

The final movement series is a guided improvisation; an approach similar to gaga technique of my own interests in exploring possibilities and qualities within movement flow. Using visualisation awareness and sensory intelligence to distinguish varying experiences within movement.

This is a method which I continue to use to bridge between different movement disciplines. Broadening, expanding and discovering a range of textures and qualities in the body.

Your Instructor

Ffion Campbell-Davies

Ffion explores humanitarian politics through psychoanalysis, body language and spirituality. Interested in the contexts of race, gender, culture and identity, she creates through the influences of ritual, expressing various aspects of the human experience.

Ffion works with various disciplines such as voice, text and poetry. Film, visual and digital art. Music production, performative art, exhibitionism and experimental expression. contemporary, hip hop, fem and krump dance. Holistic therapy and martial arts.


Ffion Campbell-Davies
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