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The Groundwork Scratch / Scratch Groundwork

The Groundwork Scratch (landscape).png

Come along to The Groundwork Scratch


When: Saturday 10th June, 3-5pm 

Where:  Dance House, Pierhead St, Cardiff CF10 4PH


6 artists will be sharing exciting new work at the beginning of their creation. Be prepared for engaging conversation and light nibbles 


This is a free event, but sign up required 

(space limited to 30 guests)


A BSL interpreter will be available at this event

Dewch draw i Scratch Groundwork

Dydd Sadwrn y 10fed o Fehefin, 3-5yh

Tŷ Dawns, Stryd Pierhead, Caerdydd CF10 4PH


Mi fydd 6 artist yn rannu gwaith newydd sydd ar gychwyn y cyfnod creu. Byddwch yn barod ar gyfer sgwrs ddifyr a lluniant ysgafn


Mae hwn yn ddigwyddiad rhad ac am ddim ond mae angen i chi gofrestru (mae’r gofod yn gyfyngiedig i 30)


Mi fydd cyfieithydd BSL ar gael i’r digwyddiad

Meet the Artists // Cwrdd â'r Artistiaid


Beth Smith

Behold, Be held

About the Work 

Behold, be held is a poem written by Beth that plays with concepts around how we hold ourselves and each other whilst the waves of life keep coming. Beth is interested in moving in response to spoken word poetry as a means of bringing deep catharsis, developing self-awareness and giving space for the soul's expressions to be felt, seen and heard in their most expansive form. She is interested in how an audience connects with this work. 


About Beth 

Beth is a self taught dancer, after some time away from her movement practice she is reconnecting with her love of dance, movement and rediscovering the depths of what it is to move. She is curious about developing the work as a performance and a series of workshops. As well as connecting with artists interested in exploring the crossover of movement with written/spoken word.

Am y Gwaith
Mae Behold, be held yn gerdd wedi’i ysgrifennu gan Beth sydd yn chwarae efo’r cysyniadau o amgylch sut i ddal ein hunain a’n gilydd wrth i donnau bywyd ein symud. Mae gan Beth ddiddordeb mewn symud i ymateb i farddoniaeth llafar fel ffordd o ddod a catharsis dwfn, gan ddatblygu hunan ymwybyddiaeth a rhoi gofod i’r enaid gael ei gweld, teimlo a’i glywed o fewn eu ffurf mwyaf eang.


Am Beth
Mae Beth yn ddawnswraig hunanddysgedig, ac ar ôl amser i ffwrdd o’i ymarfer symud mae hi’n ailgysylltu efo’i chariad i ddawnsio, symud tra’n ailddarganfod dyfnderoedd beth ydyw i symud. Mae hi’n chwilfrydig i ddatblygu’r gwaith fel perfformiad a cyfres o weithdai. A hefyd am gysylltu efo artistiaid sydd â diddordeb i archwilio’r croesiad rhwng dawns a iaith barddoniaeth/ysgrifenedig.

Richard McReynolds

Visceral Mindfulness

About the Work 

Visceral Mindfulness will be an aggressive form of mindfulness. The aggressive and energetic performance will create silence, commenting on the development of technology and how our primitive brains struggle to cope with its progression. Richard’s idea is that the exploration will reveal a way in which we can counter this onslaught. A way to get back to our bodies and less in our heads. 

About Richard
Richard McReynolds is a Northern-Irish composer, multi-media artist and creative producer based in Cardiff. He works in the intersection between media, exploring new connections between performance, sound and visuals.  His work encompasses sound-works, generative images, hyper-instruments and installations.

Am y Gwaith
Mae Viceral Mindfuldess yn ffurf ymosodol o fyfyrio. Mi fydd y perfformiad ymosodol ac egniol yn creu tawelwch, gan wneud sylwadau ar ddatblygiad technoleg a sut mae ein ymenydd cyntefig yn brwydro i ymdopi â’r dilyniant. Mae Richard yn gobeithio bydd ei syniad yn datgelu ffordd y gallwn ymladd yr ymosodiad yma. Ffordd o ddod yn ôl i’n cyrff ac i fod llai yn ein pennau.

Am Richard 

Mae Richard McReynolds yn gyfansoddwr, artist cyfrwng-cymysg a cynhyrchydd creadigol o Ogledd Iwerddon yn wreiddiol ond nawr yn byw yn Gaerdydd. Mae e’n gweithio trwy groesdoriad o gyfryngau, gan archwilio cysylltiadau newydd rhwng perfformio, sain a’r gweledol. Mae ei waith yn cwmpasu gweithiau sain, delweddau cynhyrchiol, gor-offerynnau a gosodiadau

DSC_5129 1080.jpg
Breath is a dance to play with_O&T7.png

Onismo Muhlanga & Tara Kandial 


About the Work 

Breathe is a dance to play with 

Onisomo and Tarah are interested in the arts for well-being, encompassing their spiritual, emotional, communal and physical nourishment. Their creation of digital, visual-audio pieces are made up of intentional language, sound and imagery. They invite the viewer to reflect, connect and move into safety through these creative landscapes.


About Tarah Kandial

Fine artist painting intuitive worlds of ancestral and spiritual charge. Spoken word poet, playing with language as a means of catharsis, connection and emotional alchemy.


About Onismo Muhlanga

Multi-Hyphenate artist channelling the expressions of film, symbology, movement and language informed by experiences, ritual and memory.

Am Y Gwaith 

Mae anadl yn ddawns i chwarae efo

Mae Onisomo a Tarah efo diddordeb yn y celfyddydau ar gyfer lles, gan gwmpasu eu maeth ysbrydol, emosiynol, cymunedol a chorfforol. Mae eu darnau digidol, gweledol-sain creadigol wedi’u gwneud o iaith bwriadol, sain a delweddau. Maent yn gwahodd y gwyliwr i fyfyrio, cysylltu a symud i ddiogelwch trwy’r tirweddau creadigol yma.


Am Tarah Kandial
Artist cain yn peintio bydoedd greddfol o wefr hynafiadol ac ysbrydol. Bardd gair llafar, yn chwarae ag iaith fel cyfrwng ar gyfer catharsis, cysylltiad ac alcemi emosiynol.


Am Onismo Muhlanga
Artist aml-gysylltnod sy’n sianelu mynegiadau o ffilm, symud, iaith a symboleg wedi hysbysu gan brofiadau, defodau a’r cof.

Amy Groves

Ready, and ...

About the Work 

Ready and… takes Ballet etiquette out of context in order to project its need to modernise and adapt to society today. Playing with music, physical theatre and comedy to explore this narrative Amy aim to mirror the ridiculousness of outdated balletic regulations with  dry irony and without being cliché, gimmicky or offensive. 

Amy has used research based processes such as James Robbin's 'The Concert' and J M Barrie's play 'women don't speak' reaching a stage where audience feedback would help further the experimentation of the work. 


About Amy 

Dorset born, I graduated from Modern Ballet (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) last summer, winning choreography awards. Commissioned works since include COP-26, Prix De Lausanne, Margot Fonteyn Competition, Good Apple Productions and art galleries in London. Professional performance experience includes Balletfolk, Ballet Cymru and the internationally renowned ‘5 Soldiers’ tour.

About the Work 

Mae Ready and… yn cymryd etiquette Bale allan o’i gyd-destun er mwyn gallu edrych ar yr angen i foderneiddio ac addasu i’r gymdeithas heddiw. Wrth chwarae efo cerddoriaeth, theatr corfforol a comedi i archwilio’r naratif yma mae Amy yn anelu i adlewyrchu’r rheoliadau hen ffasiwn o fewn Bale efo eironi sych, heb fod yn cliche ‘na sarhaus.

Mae Amy wedi defnyddio prosesau wedi’i seilio ar ymchwil, fel The Concert gan James Robbin’s a drama J M Barrie Women don’t speak ond wedi cyrraedd rhywle lle byddai adborth gan gynulleidfa yn helpu ar gyfer arbrofion pellach y gwaith.


About Amy 

Wedi’i geni yn Nyfnaint, mi wnes i raddio o’r Royal Conservatoire of Scotland efo Modern Ballet haf llynedd, gan ennill gwobrau coreograffi. Mae gwaith a gomisyniwyd ers hynny yn cynnwys COP-26, Pris De Lausanne, Margot Fonteyn Competition, Good Apple Productions a orielau celf yn Llundain. Balletfolk, Ballet Cymru a’r daith enwog ‘5 Soldiers’ sy’n cael ei adnabod yn rhyngwladol ydi rhai o’n profiadau perfformio proffesiynol.


Billy Maxwell Taylor


About the Work 

Blossoms explores the ecology of the body and its softness to a soundscape of field recordings and calming ambient music. Billy would love to see how an audience responds to this meditative style of dance that centralises a connection with a series of field recordings as opposed to a musical score.  


About Billy

Billy Maxwell Taylor creates meditative movement worlds that are imbued with vitality, curiosity and harmony. Meditation for him is not about sitting still but about moving, sensing and contemplating to gain a deeper understanding of our social and ecological wellbeing. He directs theatre through The Motion Pack and has previously worked with SPAN Arts, Richard Chappell Dance, NDC Wales, Frantic Assembly and Volcano Theatre. His most recent work, Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops, has visited theatres across England and Wales, offering stillness in the busyness.

Am Y Gwaith 

Mae Blossoms yn archwilio ecoleg y corff a’i feddalwch i seinweddau o recordiau maes a cherddoriaeth tawel. Mi fyddai Billy yn caru gweld sut mae cynulleidfaoedd yn ymateb i’r ffordd myfyriol yma o ddawnsio sydd wedi canoli cysylltiad efo recordiadau maes yn lle sgôr cerddorol. 


Am Billy

Mae Billy Maxwell Taylor yn creu bydoedd symudiad myfyriol, sy’n cael ei trwytho â bywiogrwydd, chwilfrydedd a harmoni. Mae myfyrdod i Billy ddim am eistedd yn llonydd ond am symud, synhwyro a myfyrio i gael dealltwriaeth dyfnach o’n lles cymdeithasol ac ecolegol. Mae’n cyfarwyddo theatr trwy The Motion Pack, ac yn y gorffenol wedi gweithio efo SPAN Arts, Richard Chappell Dance, NDCWales, Frantic Assembly a Volcano Theatre. Mae ei waith diweddar, Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops, wedi ymweld a theatrau ar hyd Cymru a Lloegr, gan gynnig llonyddwch o fewn y prysurdeb.

Skylar Edward Fish 

I Lock You (OUT)

About the Work 

I LOCK YOU (OUT) is a play on "I love you". An autobiographical dance theatre piece exploring the struggles of living with C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), through the lens of an intimate, romantic relationship. Set to an ambient soundscape of modern pop ballads, jazz standards and electronic music, the piece will explore sensations of touch and intimacy, as well as what it means to put our trust in someone: to be vulnerable, and how we can start to heal from the things we've been through.

About Skyalr

Skylar Edward Fish is an emerging interdisciplinary creative artist from South Wales - with their work specializing in the fields of dance and music. Skylar is dedicated to providing high quality tuition in both fields in the Torfaen area. Skylar's creative work largely focuses on mental health, the LGBTQ+ community and empowering young people within the performing arts.They are extremely excited to be showing extracts of their work "I LOCK U (OUT)" which aims to raise awareness of dissociative disorders such as C-PTSD.

Am Y Gwaith 

Mae I LOCK YOU (OUT) yn chwarae ar y geiriau “I love you”. Mae’r darn dawns theatr hunangofiannol yma yn archwilio’r brwydrau o weithio efo C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) trwy lens perthynas agos atoch, romantic. Wedi setio i seinwedd amgylchiadol o faledau pop modern, jazz a cherddoriaeth electronic, bydd y darn yn archwilio y synhwyrau o gyffwrdd ac agosatrwydd, wrth hefyd edrych ar beth mae’n feddwl i ymddiried yn rhywun: i fod yn agored i niwed, a sut gallwn gychwyn iachau o’r pethau rydym wedi bod trwyddo.

Am Skyalr


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