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Jodi Nicholson

Class on February 1st will be taken by Jodi Nicholson

About class 

Aiming to reframe the norms of traditional dance technique classes Jodi will take you through three stages. The first stage will give you a moment to connect to your body in a way that is functional, practical and above all inquisitive! 

The second stage gives you a chance to build on this inquisitiveness with specific movement offerings that establish your edges and build strength. 

Finally we will bring it all together with fluid movement sequences to great music you can vibe to on mass and just let it all go! 


This class aims to be energetic, bringing good vibes only! 

About Jodi Ann Nicholson 

Jodi is a mixed-race: British/Afro Caribbean dance and visual artist based in South Wales. Training in contemporary dance at TrinityLaban and exploring Fine Art in Cardiff School of Art and Design her practice plays with multiple disciplines. When looking at her practice through a focused lens Jodi’s work is about understanding the impact of past and place on her identity; when looking at her creative practice through a wide lens, Jodi’s work is about community, identity, home and belonging. She seeks to work with people and hold conversations that are relevant to them in relation to community, identity, home and belonging; with the aim to connect and celebrate the communities that we live in. 


Her performance history includes styles that are theatrical, improvisational and rhythmical such as: Joon Dance’s Fabulous Animals, Hummadruz’s The Planets & When The Dragons Came Back To Wales, WNO’s The Shoemaker and How Shall We Begin Again initiated by Jo Fong. 


As a teacher Jodi seeks to create spaces that harbour curiosity and a love for movement, a space that is safe to be curious and test boundaries with our moving and expressive bodies. She has recently set up a youth contemporary dance group called Nomah Youth Dance with fellow dancer Liam Wallace and has taught at Jukebox and National Dance Company Wales Young associates.

To keep up with current work visit:


Cyfieithiad Cymraeg yn dod...

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